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Manual & Electronic Back Pressure Regulators: How to pilot back pressure regulators?

Feeding the reference pressure to the dome-loaded back pressure regulator can be done in different ways. Selecting the right media compressibility in the reference pressure is important to get optimal precision. Most common is to supply gas to the reference side of the regulator. Liquid is also possible in some situations. The more accurate the reference set-point on the dome is, the more accurate and stable the performance of the back pressure regulator will be. The reference set-point pressure can be applied by means of a manual forward pressure reducing regulator or an electronic pressure controller. Electronic pressure controllers are available both in single valve and in dual valve versions. Electronic back pressure regulators provide the most flexibility and the most accurate result. An electronic back pressure regulator combines the unique precision and repeatability of Equilibar valves with the  convenient and stable characteristics of process automation.

Why choose electronic back pressure regulators?

Electronic back pressure regulators are sometimes also called electronic pilot controllers or electronic reference controllers. 

Our electronic back pressure regulators are specifically relevant and “added value” in sophisticated pilot plants or research and development processes where maximum performance, stability, accuracy, and reproducibility are desirable or required. To avoid any unwanted interference with the process and to maintain maximum control over the process pressure as part of the process conditions, we recommend closed loop control between the actual process pressure and the reference pressure. We call this closed-loop control . In situations where the pressure change or pressure drop is very small, open-loop-control could be a better option. 

Pressure Control Solutions helps you to select the best back pressure regulator for your pressure challenge

At Pressure Control Solutions, we have a vast experience with all aspects of pressure control in process engineering – so if you would like to discuss your application with us, we are confident that we can help you select the perfect set-up for your process pressure solution and we can supply the best pressure regulator for your process. We can advise on the best option in your case for e.g. pilot control, appropriate material selection, automation of your process, closed- or open-loop-control and media. 

On our website, we have a wide variety of example applications from our customers in all kinds of industries.